Welcome to Adhira, a haven where passion converges with purity in every precious drop. Nestled in the heart of the countryside, we stand as a beacon of trust in the dairy industry, committed to delivering the epitome of excellence through our pristine dairy products.

At Adhira, we take immense pride in our roots as a village dairy farm, embodying the essence of tradition and quality. Our journey begins in the picturesque landscapes where our cows graze on lush pastures, ensuring the highest standard of freshness and nutrition in every product we offer.

With a deep-seated commitment to your well-being, we strive to bring you not just dairy products but an experience that resonates with the authentic charm of village life. From our farm to your table, each item is a testament to the dedication and care infused into every stage of production.

As you explore the world of Adhira, you embark on a journey that celebrates the richness of nature, the simplicity of village life, and the uncompromising quality that defines us. Welcome to our dairy family, where every sip and bite is a reflection of our passion for purity.

Our Journey


  • Founded in 2012, SSA Industries has nurtured the Adhira brand into a symbol of excellence in the realm of dairy. Adhira, operating under the umbrella of SSA Industries, boasts a heritage deeply intertwined with a genuine passion for dairy farming. Our journey initiated with a visionary goal — to provide the highest quality milk and dairy products to our discerning Indian consumers.

  • Throughout the years, we have undergone significant growth and evolution, adapting to the dynamic landscape of the dairy industry. However, amidst this transformation, our steadfast commitment to uncompromising quality and unwavering customer satisfaction has remained the cornerstone of our mission.

  • Adhira, as a brand under SSA Industries, is more than a label; it's a commitment to delivering an unparalleled dairy experience. Our story is one of dedication, where each product represents a culmination of our love for dairy farming and our pledge to uphold the highest standards. From the inception of our journey to the present day, our commitment to providing the finest and freshest dairy products to our Indian patrons has never wavered.

  • As we continue to evolve, we embrace the responsibility to innovate and elevate our offerings. Adhira, under the stewardship of SSA Industries, takes pride in its rich heritage, celebrates its journey of growth, and looks ahead to a future where our commitment to quality remains unyielding. Welcome to the world of Adhira, where tradition, quality, and customer satisfaction converge to redefine the dairy experience.

Adhira Brand

Dedicated to Safeguarding Customer Health

At Adhira, our commitment to your well-being goes beyond delivering dairy products—it's a pledge to safeguard your health with every drop. We guarantee the quality of our milk, unwaveringly dedicated to upholding the highest standards at every stage of our production process.

For us, quality transcends the conventional measures of fat and SNF (Solids-Not-Fat). Our parameters exceed industry norms, reflecting our dedication to excellence. In our pursuit of unparalleled quality, we conduct rigorous tests for Aflatoxin and antibiotics, ensuring that essential residues are not just within limits but entirely absent in our Premium pouch milk and Premium Products.


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Adhira Premium Quality Milk Pouch

Adhira Pouch Milk: Your Health Protector, Free from Antibiotic and Aflatoxin Residue

where our pouch milk isn't just a beverage; it's your health protector. Adhira is dedicated to providing more than just milk — we offer a nourishing experience that contributes to your overall well-being, and rest assured, it's free from antibiotic and aflatoxin residue.

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Adhira Premium Quality Ghee

Adhira Ghee: Crafted Using Traditional Indian Methods

Experience the authentic richness of Adhira Ghee, meticulously crafted using time-honored Indian traditional methods. We take pride in preserving the essence of our heritage to bring you the finest quality ghee, true to its cultural origins

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Our Bulk B2B Business

Premium Bulk Milk Supply.

Delivering excellence in bulk milk supply for your business needs

Our Commitment to Quality

  • At Adhira, quality transcends being a mere standard—it's ingrained in our way of life. We firmly believe that the foundation of exceptional dairy products lies in the meticulous care and attention dedicated to our cows, the quality of their feed, and the hygienic conditions meticulously maintained in our processing facilities. From the sprawling pastures of our farm to the heart of your table, we remain steadfast in our dedication to ensuring that every product not only meets but exceeds the highest industry standards.

  • Our commitment to quality begins with the well-being of our dairy cows. We prioritize their health and happiness, allowing them to graze on lush pastures and providing them with the finest feed. By ensuring their welfare, we guarantee the superior quality of the milk they produce.

  • This commitment extends seamlessly to our state-of-the-art processing facilities, where stringent hygiene protocols are upheld. Every step of our production process is meticulously monitored and controlled, ensuring that the purity and freshness of our dairy products are preserved from the farm to your doorstep.

  • At Adhira, quality is not just a checkbox; it's an integral part of our ethos. We invite you to experience the difference that our unwavering commitment to excellence makes. From our family to yours, each product is a testament to the dedication we bring to delivering dairy perfection. Welcome to a world where quality isn't just a promise; it's the essence of Adhira..

Investor Policy

Welcome to ADHIRA! We believe in keeping things straightforward. Our commitment to investors is all about being transparent, maintaining integrity, and keeping the lines of communication wide open. The Investor Policy is our guide, laying out how we handle investor relations and the core principles that guide our interactions. We highly value the trust and partnership of our investors and aim to build a relationship based on clarity, honesty, and a shared commitment to success. Dive into our Investor Policy to see exactly how we put these principles into action, ensuring a robust and lasting collaboration.


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